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1.Sugar Daddy in Bendigo Are Looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Daddy6'0Average
Bendigo - Australia
I am seeking someone to spend some quality time with who looks like her pics, is reliable, and not into head games.
Irish Codder
Sugar Daddy5'11other
Bendigo - Australia
I am a romantic at hear, blame me mum. Seeking a lass who wants to have fun and see where we might go
Sugar Daddy 5'9Other
Bendigo - Australia
Work, eat, gym, sleep, repeat. Oh and an occasional Harley ride. My work has me thousands of miles from home.

2.Sugar Mommy in Bendigo are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Mommy 5'9 Slim
Bendigo - Australia
I take very good care of myself but don’t take myself too seriously. I’m in an open relationship and my partner enjoys seeing me with other men.
Sugar Mommy 5' 3Average
Bendigo - Australia
I’m interested in a relationship that respects my existing relationship and needs of both me and my partner.
Sugar Mommy 5'10Average
Bendigo - Australia
I am an Aries, and looking for a sugar boy. No strings attached is the most important part, because i am not looking for an emotional relationship.

3.Sugar Baby(female) in Bendigo are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Baby 5'6Curvy
Bendigo - Australia
I am 25, love food & craft beer. I love to travel and explore new places. Graduated from college. Right now I'm trying to set myself up in life.
Sugar Baby 5'9Athletic
Bendigo - Australia
I'm looking for someone to guide me and maybe help me learn more about managing my money and time.
Sugar Baby 5' 4 Slim
Bendigo - Australia
I'm a Leo, I love adventures, and I want to travel the world and have someone to do that with!

4.Sugar Baby(Male) in Bendigo are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Baby 5' 4Athletic
Bendigo - Australia
Looking for fun and adventure. Feel free to message anytime.
Sugar Baby5'5Athletic
Bendigo - Australia
Fun love my sports golf and Aussie rules. Love my music rather a pub or the club
Sugar Baby 5'9Athletic
Bendigo - Australia
Im smart, shy, and awesome! What better combination would you rather have? just kidding. I am smart and shy though.